peeb – Your customisable electronic bagpipe chanter.

peeb allows you to play the bagpipes on your mobile phone and tablet.
Any time, any place.

peeb places a broad variety of piping traditions in your pocket – wherever you are, whenever you want. The Scottish great Highland bagpipe and its associated practice chanter, the German Hümmelchen, the so-called German “Marktsack” and its associated practice chanter, the pan-European Shepherd’s bagpipe, the Bohemian Bock, the Scottish smallpipe and Border pipe as well as the Asturian Gaita – the sound library of peeb includes all of them and we continue to add new bagpipe sounds for you.

peeb naturally allows you to play any of these sounds with its associated fingering system. However, you can combine any of these sounds with a fingering system of your choice (open, half-closed and closed) – literally allowing you to dive into the soundscapes of many diverse bagpipe traditions with the fingering-system you already know.

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peeb provides you with almost limitless and exciting new options


Fingering system

Variable: open, half-closed and closed.

Sound Library

You can access all the bagpipe
sounds that come with peeb.

Play Mode

Calibrate your finger position on the display of your device with just one touch. peeb instantly recognises your finger tips on the display.


Design your own sound: you can adjust the balance between the chanter and the drones to your liking.



Upgrade peeb (within the app) to gain access to this useful tool among many more.


Adjust the pitch of each bagpipe sound to your needs and liking (up to one octave above and below its original pitch).

Refine your drones

You can alter the balance between the various drones to your liking. Furthermore: Add a baritone drone to certain sounds.

Authentic feel – from the bagpipe chanter to your mobile device

Calibrate your finger position until it feels the same as on the bagpipe itself. peeb flawlessly recognises your finger tips on the display.

Click the play button to start the animation

Step 01

This portrays both the top and the bottom hand on a bagpipe chanter.

Step 02

Transferred onto your mobile device for playing peeb, it looks like this

Step 03

Calibrate your finger position until you feel comfortable by additionally touching the screen with your pinkie.

Step 04

peeb allows you to use (one of) the rear-facing camera(s) likewise to the thumb hole of your bagpipe chanter.

To your liking: Combine any sound with your preferred fingering


Discover your favourite bagpipe sound as well as new bagpipe traditions.

Fingering charts

peeb allows you to apply open, half-closed and closed fingering systems.


Everything you may need for understanding peeb in more depth can be found here: E.g. fingering charts, our manual and tutorials.

Available Versions

The sky is the limit: you may start by checking out our BASIC version of peeb. Once you are convinced that we are onto something, feel free to upgrade within the app to gain access to more features.


9,99 €

One-Off payment

(if applicable converted
into your local currency, see app store)

peeb is currently not available in the United States and Korea

Our app is currently available for Android-based devices via the Google Play Store.

Easy start, evident structure

Use of the rear-camera as a thumb hole

Alternative play-modes (without the camera)

Calibration of your finger tips on the display

Swichtable to “leftie”-mode

Access to the complete sound library

Open, half-closed and closed fingering available

Cross-fingering for minor and major, sixths and sevenths (see fingering charts under download)

Pibroch High G for the great Highland bagpipe

Drones can be muted

Fully adjustable balance of drones and chanter to your liking


coming soon

All features that come with BASIC plus the following:


Seamless pitch-function for all sounds included (up to an octave above and below the bagpipes original pitch)

All sounds fully chromatically available (for all fingering systems)

Adjust the balance between bass, tenor and bariton and/or alto-drones to your liking.

Jump into a second (higher) octave

Slides & Vibrato

Alter between just & tempered tuning

floot – mobile whistle

floot allows you to play the Irish Tin Whistle (D) on your mobile phone and tablet. Any time, any place.

floot is your customisable electronic Irish tin whistle (D). You can play tunes using the speaker amongst friends. Alternatively, you can use headphones whilst you are on the road and/or want to keep it quiet. floot uses the same fingering as the Irish tin whistle. One of the great features of floot: You can re-arrange the touchpoints on the display, which function likewise to the finger holes of the whistle, to your needs and liking. How you can achieve this is being shown in the video above here in the app store. Have fun playing floot!

Get it on Google Play

Our peeb app is currently available for Android-based devices via the Google Play Store.

Our floot app is currently available for Android-based devices via the Google Play Store.


Find a bunch of tips and tricks for using peeb.


Feel free to browse our answers for the most frequently asked questions below.

About peeb

The most interesting thing is certainly the app itself, with which you can turn your smartphone into a bagpipe. What might also interest you: the people behind peeb. Here we go:


If you want to know more about peeb: Go ahead! Feel free to send us your unanswered questions as well as your wishes or criticism. We look forward to hearing from you!

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