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Which bagpipe sounds can I use with peeb?

peeb includes a broad sound library, so you can choose between various bagpipe sounds. For a detailed list of all the sounds included, click here.

Which fingering systems can be used with peeb?

You can use open, half-closed and closed fingering with peeb.

Under Downloads we have provided you with fingering charts for all the bagpipe sounds contained in peeb.

What fine-tuning options do I have?

Within the ADVANCED version of peeb (to which you can upgrade), you can fine-tune any sound from our sound library to a tee! To do so, you will have two flawless controllers at your disposal: one to quickly shift the pitch near your target and a second one to make it sound exactly the way you want it to. All sounds can be pitched an octave above and below the original pitch of the instrument.

Do you or does the app store any data when the camera is used?

You may use the rear-facing camera of your device likewise to the thumb hole of your bagpipe chanter. Before being able to do so you will have to give your consent, allowing peeb to access the camera. peeb will take no videos. The app does however take pictures, based on which it will evaluate a change in contrast, comparing several pixels within the pictures taken. None of these pictures (that are essential for you to be able to use the rear-camera as a thumbhole) are being stored.

Where can I download peeb?

You can download peeb in the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store. It is applicable to smartphones and tablets that run on Android as well as tablets that run on iOS. Due to restrictions of the iPhone, peeb is currently not available on this device (yet…).

Our app is currently available for Android-based devices via the Google Play Store.

peeb is currently not available in the United States and Korea

Where can I download the peeb mobile bagpipe manual and the fingering charts?

Our peeb mobile bagpipe manual, some tips and tricks, videos highlighting what to look out for when playing peeb as well as the printing data for peebOn for free! You can find them here.

How do I best start with peeb?

peeb is intuitive and easy to use. We recommend you watch our brief animation to begin with. Nonetheless, it may take some time for you to adapt to the placement of the hands on the display, but you will soon be at ease with this concept.

How do I start the app?

Tap the app on your device. peeb should open and take you to an initial screen. Tap the start-icon to view a brief animation to get you started or tap the skip-icon to go straight to the play-mode. 

Are there any extensions for the peeb BASIC version available?

Yes, we offer you an exciting upgrade that enhances the functionality of peeb. You can find more details here.

What are the technical requirements for Android-users?

Android-users can use their tablet as well as their smartphone to play peeb. Your device needs “Android 7.0” (or higher) to run the application. Another important factor – especially for playing very fast pieces – is the audio-latency. Modern devices from makers such as Samsung, Sony or Google usually have a neglectable low audio-latency. For a more detailed overview on the audio-latency of various devices, you can use this link:

What are the technical requirements for Apple-users?

Apple-user can use peeb with their iPad soon. The audio-latency of the iPad is very low, so peeb can run flawlessly. The iPhone also comes with a similarly low latency. However, Apple has built in a limitation into its device, allowing for a maximum of five touchpoints on the display, which can not be bypassed. As soon as Apple aments this setting, peeb will be available on the iPhone, too.

Our app is currently available for Android-based devices via the Google Play Store.