Everything you may need for understanding peeb in more depth can be found here: E.g. fingering charts, our manual and tutorials.

Fingering charts

peeb allows you to apply open, half-closed and closed fingering systems. Explore the fingering charts here.

Manual for peeb

The manual includes information on the available play modes, bagpipe sounds as well as further tips and tricks.

3D-printing template

We provide you with the printing data for peebOn for free. Playing with peebOn very much feels like playing on an actual chanter – you can feel the chanter holes and – if you are rather used to it: playing with straight fingers represents no problem either.

Please note: By downloading the printing data for peebOn you give your consent to adopt this data exclusively for your personal usage. Furthermore, you declare that you will neither use the printing data nor the actual product peebOn in a commercial manner. 

We recommend to use a protective foil to avoid any scratches on your display from using peebOn.

If you are interested in peebOn: Excellent! Feel free to contact us via our feedback contact form.