It is important to us to help you out! Hence, we would like to offer you some tips and tricks below. Furthermore, we recorded some videos for you, highlighting what to look out for when playing peeb. The icing on the cake: Download the printing file for our mobile-chanter for free!

3D-printing template

We provide you with the printing data for peebOn for free. Playing with peebOn very much feels like playing on an actual chanter – you can feel the chanter holes and – if you are rather used to it: playing with straight fingers represents no problem either.

Please note: By downloading the printing data for peebOn you give your consent to adopt this data exclusively for your personal usage. Furthermore, you declare that you will neither use the printing data nor the actual product peebOn in a commercial manner. 

We recommend to use a protective foil to avoid any scratches on your display from using peebOn.

If you are interested in peebOn: Excellent! Feel free to contact us via our feedback contact form.

In case you are interested in the additional downloads we provide for free – take a look!


peeb brings a broad variety of bagpipe traditions to your smartphone / tablet – right into your pocket. Naturally, some things differ from the actual instruments. Our tips are meant to help you understanding peeb better and how to best use it.

Rest your device whilst playing

For a more relaxed playing experience, add stability by resting your device on e.g. your leg or a table. It also reduces the risk of dropping your device.

Maintain a small gap between each fingertip

peeb allows you to freely calibrate the positioning of each touchpoint. In order for peeb to run smoothly, make sure that your fingers separately touch the display. Avoid fingers getting to close to each other to prevent peeb from malfunctioning, since it needs to be able to distinguish each touchpoint from one another.

Place both your hands apart

Try to spread both your hands – likewise to the bagpipe itself – into the upper and the lower section of your device. This will help reduce errors (similar to maintaining a gap between each fingertip).

Playing with straight fingers

Some pipers prefer to play with fairly straight fingers. Whilst that is also possible with peeb, try to bear in mind the way peeb works: It feeds on touchpoints. If you place a large proportion of a finger fairly straight on the display, there is a certain chance of creating more than one input signal with that finger. And that might confuse peeb. Try to rather use your first joint or, alternatively, your fingertips (similarly to playing a recorder).

Keep an eye on the display or use a mirror

Especially in the beginning it might be of help to keep an eye on your fingers to check that you actually place them on the allocated touchpoints. However, you should be able to adapt to the overall feeling of playing peeb fairly quickly.

Take your device out of its shell

If you usually keep your device in a shell, you might find it useful to take it out for the camera mode, allowing you to better access the camera with your thumb.

Mute gestures

Some users use gestures on their phone for everyday tasks, involving several fingers. Whilst playing peeb, this may result in false input signals producing errors. If you use gestures, you might want to try switiching them off whilst playing peeb.

Popsocket & Ring Mount

You might want to use a popsocket or Ring-Mount so that you can more easily relax your device in your hand, allowing you to more freely move your fingers on the display. You can easily order popsockets and mobile phone ring mounts on the internet. 

Energy saving mode & Play-Modes

You may play peeb by using your display only, but also by using your rear-camera as the thumb-hole. Using the display only is not only a reliable play-mode in a dark surrounding, it also saves you battery power. The fingering of the octave may slightly vary in this mode. You can find all fingering charts for all play-modes here.

Rotate the screen

peeb has been programmed in such a manner that allows you to rotate your device by 180 degrees. Hence, you may direct its loudspeaker towards you, rather than away from you. Please note, that this feature only makes sense when using peeb in the display mode, as the camera will be out of reach.

Using Headphones.

For experiencing the rich sound provided by peeb, we recommend you to use headphones. Make sure to connect these via cable with your device. Wirelessly connected headphones produce too much latency, which makes it rather impossible to use them in this context.

We strive to continuously improve peeb for you. A particular difficult task is to cater for the “camera-mode”, since there is a broad variety of different devices around. If you encounter any issues in this mode, please take a moment to contact us and to share your experiences. Improving peeb for you is truly important to us!


Our tutorial videos highlight how easy it is to use peeb and what its strong-points are.

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