About peeb

The most interesting thing is certainly the app itself, with which you can turn your smartphone into a bagpipe. What might also interest you: the people behind peeb. Here we go:

The men of action

Thomas Zöller

Thomas is a professional piper since 1998. Amongst other piping traditions, the Scottish great Highland bagpipe has been and remains his main focus.

From 2002 to 2005 he took a “Bachelor of Scottish Music / Piping Degree” in Glasgow at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire – being the first Continental ever. He runs the Dudelsack-Akademie, based in Hofheim am Taunus in Germany since 2005. He has created the “Wee-Pipes” for youngsters and produced several bagpipe-apps together with Allan MacDonald of Glenuig.

He is also the author of the “Sackpfeifen-Fibeln” Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Henning Schumm

Even though Henning originally graduated in architecture, he always had an interest in virtual reality as well as the technology behind it. He thus gradually became the software-engineer and creative mind he is today.

He started learning the Scottish great Highland bagpipe in the early 2000s under the guidance of Hardy the Piper, who instructed him until he moved to Konstanz. There, he started learning from Davy Garrett. Today he is the pipe major of the so-called “Pipes of Konstanz”. Whilst developing the prototype of an electronic bagpipe chanter in 2014, he got to know Thomas Zöller.

Martin Löwen-Mörsdorf

Being a certificated designer as well as a managing proprietor of the Wiesbaden-based agency “99 Grad”, Martin is one of the creative minds of peeb.

His passion for Scotland, its music, people and traditions inspired him to learn the great Highland bagpipe as of 2016. He thus became a student of Thomas Zöller and Jan Belak (at the Dudelsack-Akademie in Hofheim a. Ts., Germany). Furthermore, he has become a member of the Constance Pipes & Drums.

His open-minded and curios approach towards new ideas combined with his interest in sharing his knowledge in an interdisciplinary manner is what he considers to be the core features in trying to realise unique projects such as “peeb – Mobile Bagpipes”.